Palmajetics Demystified

Palmajetics are simple hands-on techniques that you can use on a daily basis to benefit your body. Our clients and family have been using Palmajetic techniques for years.


Scientifically defined, Palmajetics is the process of knowingly changing the gradient flow of energy to and from specific organs and glands within the body through specific palm placements on the body.

We have seen tremendous improvements and results from Palmajetics, including:

  •     Elimination of pain
  •     Reduction and elimination of lumps and bumps
  •     Management of diseases
  •     Improvement of overall health

 Here’s some feedback from two of our clients who are using Palmajetics on a regular basis.

“What is especially helpful for healing my tummy are John’s Palmajetics. I can fit it into my daily routine – with clients, out to dinner, anywhere. Learning to heal myself is the greatest gift!”Heart and Head

– Mary Goodwin
Colleyville, TX

“The Electrical High Heart Palmajetic is working wonders. I did it yesterday, and I felt immediately better! I may not fully understand how it works, but I am amazed and so grateful! Thank you.”

– Sarah Martin

Alpharetta, GAHeart and Head 2