A Personalized Approach To Healing

John Mullen
By integrating remote and hands-on healing approaches, Energetic Health creates a personalized healing plan for each client.

  • Body Wellness Assessment
  • Supplement and Herb Analysis
  • Nerve, Organ & Gland Balancing
  • Personal Palmajetics Program
  • Energetic Interventions
  • Negative Energy Clearing
  • Body System Synchronization
  • Diet and Nutrition Review
  • Environmental Check – causation recognition and removal
  • 24 Hour / On-Call Support

Examples of Personalized Care Packages

Client comes to Marietta, GA

Concentrated healing Friday afternoon, Saturday all day, Sunday until
departure.  Client arranges own in-town accommodations & transportation.Personalized-healing

Or client stays at Mullen Homestead: all transportation & meals included.  The “Glow of New Health” is applied by “Dr. John” Mullen through Palmajetics and his vast array of healing protocols developed over decades of bringing clients back from crippling diseases, scary diagnoses, loss of quality-of-life, physical & emotional trauma, and annoying symptoms that are hindering them from enjoying life & functioning normally.  Participating in concentrated healing sessions, allows the body systems to “re-learn” how to function normally.  Hands-on energetic spleen & liver drains, nerve block releases, gland stimulation, vascular vitalization, proper processing & absorption of food, activation of the lymph flow to cleanse the body and remove toxins.   Some of the many Energetic Processes that “Dr. John” brings to YOU as you begin your journey back to sustained health.
The client becomes empowered to continue the healing process once they return home; while still receiving remote scans and adjustments by “Dr. John.”

“Dr. John” goes to Out-of-Area Client Location  

(Thursday evening to Sunday evening – 4 days /3 nights)
Client fee + ALL travel, transportation, lodging & meal expenses.  Client will be treated in their own home.  Other family members are encouraged to participate: Receiving the knowledge and healing benefits.
“Dr. John” performs an environmental “clean air” evaluation & electrical meter scans of their home to determine if there are health triggers that need to be identified & neutralized.  Family dynamics and pet processes are also taken into consideration.

John goes to Client Location in the greater Atlanta metro area
4 hour in-home health treatment plus an evaluation of their environment to access any health triggers.