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Client Testimonials from Ecuador

Testimonial Ecu1Ecuadorian Lady with Severe Head Pain

Facing an eminent death diagnosis from her doctor, this beautiful Ecuadorian lady came to a healing session praying for answers.

Two years ago, I worked on her massive head pain. Through the power of Palmajetics, she is now pain free and healthy. She goes to sleep at night with a washcloth on her forehead to eliminate brain stress.

Precious 7 Year Old with Kidney Issues

Testimonial Ecu2A little seven year old facing kidney failure was in great distress and physically writhing in pain. After one 20 minute session of Palmajetic healing, she began to smile and was TOTALLY pain free. Her body needed to be energetically reset so that the bodily systems were communicating with each other. It was a delight to see her smiling face and the relieved faces of her family