Energetic Pets

In addition to working with people around the world who are battling serious health issues or who want to improve or maintain their health, we’ve had the privilege of helping many sick animals. From dogs to cats to horses and birds, energetic medicine works well to stop their pain and resolve their illnesses.

Frequently Asked Question:

My dog seems to have what us humans would call allergies.
He sneezes, his nose runs, but he’s healthy.
What’s the problem?

Dear Pet Lover,

 Everyone is eating more “fresh” and “natural.” I encourage you to take a look at your pet’s diet and see if it is anywhere close to their natural diet.

 My Recommendation – Change your pet’s diet to natural foods, such as raw or slightly cooked meats that they would eat in the wild. Minimize corn and grain-based products. Corn and grain are not in your pet’s natural menu.

John's dog, Ría

Put 'er there and shake hands







If you need a bagged food alternative, try Taste of the Wild, Evanger’s or Solid Gold. These options are grain-free formulas for all life stages that provide highly digestible energy for your active pet. Made with real roasted meats and supplemented with fruits and vegetables, your pet will love the taste (our Border Collie Mix – Ría does!).

Client Testimonials


Pomeranian with flower gardenA year ago my Pomeranian, Kody, was diagnosed with heart problems and allergies. He was taking 10 medications and supplements. The allergy problems were worsening but because of the heart medications, treatment for the allergies was limited. I heard about John from a friend and took Kody to him.

In just 3 treatments Kody was able to stop taking 4 of his medications, one of them being the heart pill. He was able to go for walks again. (He had tried to go before but would get winded and just sit down.) His energy level increased to the point of neighbors noticing it and asking what we were doing for Kody! They could tell he was feeling so much better!

Today Kody is off all medication and takes 3 supplements. Any time his breathing gets rough or congested, a visit to John straightens

him out. I take Kody to Indiana with me and have had to call John a few times when Kody was having a problem. He was able to help him remotely. I have peace of mind when I travel with Kody now because I know if we run into problems John is only a phone call away!

John has been so caring and kind to us and understands that to me Kody is not just a dog-he is a member of our family. I believe it’s thanks to John that Kody is doing so well today. God bless richly bless John for all that he does.

Love, Karen


Clouseau has shown a marked improvement. He has lost a few pounds (much needed!), and he plays more. It is clear that he is feeling better.

Thank you for your time, efforts, and energy.

Warm regards, Lynn Clark /span>

John,Kitten named Ren

My adorable cat Ren finally ate her breakfast. I was suspicious….but you were exactly right. She is OK now, thank you!

Hugs, Caroline


Our horse Sierra is doing very, very well. She came up to me at a trot this evening – it was wonderful to see her renewed energy.

Thanks, Lori

Our beautiful horse, Swaino, had a loud click in his back left hip as a result of an accident when he fell down a slope with his rider. For years, the horse’s joint click could be heard all the way across the pasture. His veterinarian and chiropractor were working diligently to treat the hip, but without much success.

John took a different approach. By connecting the horse’s core organs, including the kidneys, colon and lungs, the clicking sound and resulting pain were reduced dramatically. At last report, the clicking sound can only be heard faintly when standing right next to the horse, and he exhibits a countenance of reduced pain.

Thank you John,

Swaino’s loving family

If you have a pet in pain or fighting a disease, we’d be happy to help.