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  John Mullen
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Client Questions

Q: Should I stop my current chemotherapy protocol?
A: We cannot and do not give medical advice. On any medication or treatment protocol it seems logical that your doctor would use the same process to take you off the treatment as he did to initiate the process. Make sure you explore to see if your current treatment is addressing the root cause of your disease, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Q: Will you work with my oncologist?
A: Yes, we work with our clients’ doctor(s) on a regular basis. The reluctance is typically on behalf of the oconologist as their schooling and level of understanding is significantly different than ours. We have no difficulties in working with or communicating with your doctor(s).

Q: What should I eat?
A: We believe the body has the ability to process and benefit from a full palette of foods. Thus, we recommend clients eat a diversity of foods, in moderation, and enable the body to benefit from a balanced diet. Additionally, we are able to energetically determine any foods that are negative triggers in your healing process and will alert you of those specific foods.

Q: Do I have to quit work to be in your program?
A: Most of our clients continue to go about their daily routine.

Q: How long does the healing process take?.
A: Typically speaking, the longer you have had symptoms or disease, the longer the healing process. The body has to systematically repair complicated systems in reverse order, in order to heal.

Q: Do I need to come to Atlanta to meet with you?
A: No, that is not necessary unless you would like to schedule an office visit with us. Many of our clients begin our relationship via the phone or email. Much of our work is done using remote energetic medicine – a powerful, proven form of medicine based on the principle that the energetic quality of the nerves, organs and glands in the body that directly impact a person’s health are responsive to the energy field that connects all of us. This approach is applied to clients in a remote, non-touch, non-invasive method, and can be done across the room or across the country. Adjustments are made on a regular basis and the effects are tracked as the energetic medicine process restores the body to full vibrant health. However, we do require regular check-in reports and ongoing communications with our clients via phone, email and/or fax in order to determine their symptomology and condition.

Q: Have any of your clients died?
A: Quite honestly, yes. Many of our clients have come to us in the last stages of severe, life-threatening diseases. Frequently our clients have high levels of chemical / radiation / pharmaceutical poison in their bodies and cannot recover from the adverse effects of the poison. Thus it might be wise to consider a recovery path without poisons.

Q: I believe God will heal me. Don’t you agree?
A: God can do anything He chooses to do; however, we cannot dictate our orders to Him. With leukemia or other illnesses, God may be trying your faith. Faith, in my opinion, is a verb. Look at the Scriptures….”by faith Abraham pleased God.” The fact that God hasn’t healed you yet maybe based on your belief of “faith” as a noun, not an action. Perhaps that is why God has prepared for you an option based on a verb based faith – that requires some doing on your part, as well as ours. I suggest you review the healings of the Bible and see which of the following options represents God’s pattern of healing:

  1. A noun based faith of “prayer only.” Basically ordering God to heal you.
  2. A verb based faith of seeking a more action-oriented process. Demonstrating your faith and therefore being certain of the healing source and the power. Naman in the Old Testament comes to mind and every healing in the New Testament that comes to mind involves someone going to Jesus or someone empowered and asking, doing and receiving. Specific intercession generating specific results.
  3. A chemical based faith of potions, pills and other pagan practices (usually administered at the cathedral of modern medicine). You will not find this approach in the Bible. Our belief is that modern medicine can aid in healing, as an integrated process. However, blindly following modern medicine may do more harm than good.

Consider your faith; consider your path toward healing.

Q: Do you experience healing miracles?
A: Yes! Over the years of working with wonderful clients we have seen several immediate remissions, and, of course, the return to health over several months is very often a miracle as well.

Tell Me More About John

Q: Is John’s skill in healing a gift?
A: John’s talent and expertise as a medical intuitive represent the culmination of a thirty-year learning process. His research in alternative health options began in the 1970’s when his young daughter, Alanna, developed Juvenile Ocular High Pressure (forerunner to Glaucoma) and Prenacious Anemia. The medical community couldn’t offer solutions, and Alanna was losing her eyesight. John began exploring alternative options, which ultimately eliminated the issues. That marked the beginning of a life-long quest and education on health and wellness. John is a master in anatomy and physiology is a certified Lymphologist and has extensively studied Complete Energetic Medicine (CEM), the Kroeger Hands-on-Healing and the Slater Vibrational processes. It became very evident very early in John’s healing work that God was clearly directing John and blessing him with insight and inspiration towards healing. John has been married for 40 years, has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Q: Why is John so passionate about fighting cancer?
A: Unlike others, John Mullen and his mission to fight leukemia has been much more than a clinical study or academic exercise. John battled leukemia first-hand when his 31-year-old son, Brian Mullen, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in September 2000. The hospital’s recommended protocol was immediate, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation or the prognosis of death within five days. At that critical time, all John’s study of anatomy and alternative options was put to the test. Together, John and his son Brian fought the battle over leukemia and won using a combination of alternative and energetic medicine approaches. Today, Brian is once again in complete health – a vibrant husband and father – with zero leukemia cells in his bone marrow.

Q: Who else does what you do?
A: Our approach is unique and has been proven time and time again with people suffering from critical health issues, such as cancer, leukemia and strokes. Vibrational healing was first defined in Biblical times. The modern day energy medicine field is growing and becoming cluttered with self-proclaimed healers of all types. As you explore options, ask the following questions of each alternative:
Will the person I’m talking to take a critical care case (such as leukemia) or are they focused on moving energy in a general way?
Do I have a sense that this person can determine anatomically the root cause of my disease?
Are they treating the symptoms or the root cause?

Q: How do I know that you’re not bogus / a scam?
A: We invite you to read the testimonials from real people who were in trouble, many times life threatening cases, who have turned to Energetic Health and found a solution to their disease. Then we invite you to call us, talk with us first-hand about our approach and mindset. Finally, pray and trust your instincts. You need to do what is right for your body / for your family.

Q: If you’re so good at this, why aren’t you wealthy and well known?
A: It sometimes takes a mental stretch for people to understand our approach and become a client of Energetic Health. It is much easier for people to enter the cathedral of modern medicine, than to have faith in something outside of the usual treatment realm. We can make a tremendous difference. We are not driven by typical motivators of wealth and fame. Our goal is to bring people to health.