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Energetic Tuesday Notes Move from merely surviving to Thriving and Prospering with this healthful insight!

Energetic Fiesta Tuesday Notes

Attend 6 weekly seminars – receive a free health session

Dr. John in the Labyrinth Come hear Dr. John’s health wisdom.

Every Tuesday Night Starting November 1st 7:30 – 9:00pm Dr. John Mullen’s Home 3380 Fawn Trail – Marietta, GA Gratitude Contribution As little or as much as you’d like! $20 Suggested

– The Events

How to enjoy the NON-cold and NON-Flu season – Energetic Tuesday Note #1

“It’s hard to be humble when you are perfect in every way.”  – Energetic Tuesday #2

 Dr. John Teaches on Heart Health – Energetic Tuesday #3

Sunday Panorama Review #1  – 27 November 2016

  • Panorama reviews cover the month’s Fiesta Tuesdays

Stiff Joints – getting rid of the pain – Energetic Tuesday #4

29 November 2016

Palmajetics Healing – Energetic Tuesday #5

6 December 2016

Happy Holidays 2016/2017

No Energetic Tuesday events until 2017

More Information

Dates & Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm EVERY TUESDAY of the month Fall & Winter: 6:30 – 7:30 Enjoy hot apple cider around the fire circle Place: 3380 Fawn Trail, Marietta, GA 30066 6th driveway on the left – around the turn (ok to also park in 7th driveway) Gratitude Contribution: Totally up to you & your budget – $20 per session per person would be gratefully received Attending 6 sessions entitles you to a MAGNIFICENT one-on-one free appointment ($125 value) Purchase a group of 5 sessions in advance and receive a 10% discount. Purpose: Moments with a Master – Sharing Dr. John’s Health Protocols & Wisdom Over a 2 year period we will cover our total Palmajetics, Energetics and Spiritual Processes. Each seminar stands alone as a knowledge base or gather them all together for an informational experience of excellence – giving you the tools for health, harmony and prosperity. Topics: There will be 7 topics released before the beginning of each month. You will receive a reminder email on Saturday – listing Tuesday’s topic Although there is a 2-year plan covering all symptoms, disease diagnoses, trauma fixes, explanation of body systems / nerves / glands, wellness plans, supplement usage, pain & inflammation, emotional ties to disease, mental strength, relationship harmony, spiritual strength / understanding God’s plan for you, appreciation of the Masters of Old (great biographies & book reviews), coping mechanisms in today’s world and exciting new energetic health revelations…….. the desire is for each seminar to include the vitality of the energetic direction Dr. John feels is appropriate for those present. Yes, there will be time for Questions & Answers and demonstrations of pertinent Palmajetics. Goals:

  • Health and Recovery: How to GET it and how to KEEP it.
  • The Alpha (God’s first step) ………to……… The Omega (God’s final step) – Unfortunately we fill in the blanks in the middle of this process which is “THE PROBLEM.”
  • Head to Toe
  • In and Out
  • Ups and Downs
  • In Sickness and In Health

Survive & Prosper by joining us for these illuminating & practical Health Fiesta Gatherings Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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    Also, I always have choir rehearsal every Tuesdays but I can attend the Thursday programs. I just need the location etc. Thanks

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