Remote Healing

A Powerful Approach to Health

John Mullen
Explaining the Process – The Value of Remote Healing

A Powerful Approach to Health

“Anything we can do physically, we can do mentally.”

Remote, non-touch healing, also called “Energetic Healing”  has now become mainstream and proven in alternative medicine circles.  This process enables people to receive help and healing from across the room,across the state, across the country, or across the country.  Two-thirds of our clients receive their care from “Dr. John” remotely.  This truly is Energetic Health !

Healing is a rebalancing of the body’s cells and systems, enabling full functioning of all organs, glands, nerves and systems and all energies in proper balance. In reality, all healing is energy healing because everything is energy, even medications.  Remote healing transfers energy from another source to your specific areas that are weak and enables your body to heal itself, from the inside out.

REMOTE HEALING can offer you 5 big benefits:

  1. Saves you time.  No scheduling, no travel time, no rushing across town for your appointment.
  2. Gives you peace of mind.  We’re available to help 24 / 7 no matter where you are in the world.
  3. Keeps you HEALTHY.  Our frequent remote body scans often detect developing issues that can be quickly dealt with or avoided. Energetic REMOTE “tune-ups” validate: It’s easier to stay healthy than to get healthy.
  4. It works.  Our clients tell us, time and time again, how they are amazed that remote, energetic healing makes a tremendous difference in their lives.
  5. Economical.  Services available for one monthly fee or individual phone consultations

Showing how one’s “current status” is revealed & analyzed:

  • To create the fastest path to unlock the natural healing process
  • To teach specific Palmajetics for releasing “energy blocks” – physical spasms
  • To vibrationally analyze supplement needs
  • To effectively explain & teach stress management
  • To bring forth relaxation from the inside – to the outside.
  • Getting more energy for a big meeting or job opportunity/ rehearsal
  • Calming down for a test or intense pressure situation
  • Eliminating pain, such as a migraine
  • Stopping an allergic reaction or histamine flare up
  • Dealing with anger and frustration
  • Removing a dark cloud or sense of doom
  • Immediate intervention in a trauma/ accident situation.
  • Improving your mental outlook

Pricing on request


24/7 communication link by phone, text or email

TIMELY support and remote assistance.

REMOTE Energetic Benefits:

  • Medical Intuitive Sensing: as taught and practiced by Dr. Kam Yuen
  • Specific Remote Adjustments:  More consistent than office visits
  • Spinal Nerve Isolation: Nerve Center of the body communicates healing throughout
  • Organ Connection: Synergy to the spine for improved signaling & function
  • Protocol Advising:  Acute maladies to health maintenance to living Happily Ever After
  • Integrated Health Hotline: Any physical, mental or spiritual matter has an energetic answer
  • Palmajetics™ Instruction: Empowering you to stabilize and enhance your own well-being

Exclusive  BENEFITS for Remote Energetic Clients:

  • Direct Email & Texting connection to John
  • Complimentary Standard Process consultations
  • Personalized mindshare of anatomy & physiology, case studies and energetic assessment
  • “Palmajetics™ of the Month” communication, Health Alerts and other special insights
  • Advanced notice of and discounts for Seminars, Webinars, and Health Presentations in your area.