Clean Air Checklist

How to make Sanitizer – the Best (and most affordable) Cleaning Solution:

Purchase Everclear or Golden Grain alcohol from a liquor store.  Fill half of a spray bottle with alcohol and then fill the rest of the bottle with water (purified is best).  Shake and spray.

  • If using fireplace, after the ashes cool, remove them and sanitize the entire interior of the fireplace.
  • If you’re critically ill: Keep animals outside of your home, otherwise, vacuum up hair dander daily and
  • Keep footwear away from your bed.
  • Sanitize the outside soles and the inside of your shoes every day.
  • Sanitize pillows and sheets every day.
  • Wear a mask while mowing or mulching your yard.
  • Sanitize all the carpets in your home.
  • Sanitize all the sofa and chair cushions in your home.
  • Sanitize all the drapes in your home.
  • Vacuum and sanitize the inside of your car.
  • Clean & sanitize all mattresses/ bedspreads (sheets and mattress pads should be washed weekly).
    All mattresses de-gas. Since about a third of your day is spent sleeping, it is important to spray your mattresses, pillows, sheets and bedding. Spray the entire mattress, including top, bottom and sides (let dry 5-10 minutes), then spray with club soda that contains sodium (let dry for 5-10 minutes).  Repeat once a day for three days in a row.
  • Clean grill and screen under the front of the refrigerator.
  • Vacuum the coils located directly behind the grill/ screen.
  • Change your “on board” air cleaner / filter in your car.
  • Avoid hanging fresh garlands in your home.
  • New carpet can out gas.  Spray new carpets with sanitizer twice and then spray with club soda containing sodium.
    Spray three days in a row.
  • Wood Floors can out gas. Spray with club soda containing sodium. Spray three days in a row. Let dry.
    Repeat once a month.  NOTE: Sanitizer spray can damage wood floors.

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