Food Recommendations

Energetic Health believes the body has the ability to process and benefit from a full palette of foods. Thus, we recommend clients eat a diversity of foods, in moderation, and enable the body to benefit from a balanced diet. However, there are certain foods that should be avoided, if possible, as they often cause negative triggers and reactions in the body. For example, brie cheese, though delicious, has extremely high mold content and will contaminate, rather than help, your body.

If you have questions regarding specific foods or your diet, please let us know.

Foods to Avoid

  • Diet Soft Drinks / Sodas – Sprite – Cherry Vanilla Coke, etc.  Energetically, traditional Coca-Cola is really the best carbonated beverage
  • Tea – blended, such as green tea blended with peppermint.  Use single flavored teas – but not in combination or blended
  • Milk, soy, cream in coffees or teas (latte) – best to drink it BLACK
  • Juices from concentrate (use natural or fresh juice)
  • Foods with Dyes – read the label of the bottom up. Avoid any foods with blue, yellow, red or green additives
  • Cold Cereals (most have high mold content and benzene frequency)
  • *****NEVER anything decaffeinated******
  • Cheese with high mold content, including:
    Ricotta, Blue Cheese, Brie Cheese and Feta Cheese
  • Chinese food (prepared for buffets)
  • Pork (all varieties) including: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Pork Chops
  • Limited Chicken (this is a false protein – it lacks zinc)
  • Green-Powdered Health Food Drinks – very moldy
  • Whey Products (protein drinks) – these typically use end products from the dairy industry
  • Margarine (use butter – however, please avoid Kroger-brand butter)
  • Grapes (unless well washed at home)
  • All melons – unless exterior skin has been THROROUGHLY washed.  Typically when a melon is cut the exterior germs/ mold/ fungus get pulled onto the edible inside.
  • Use cell phones ONLY with approved ear pieces – do NOT carry them on your belt
  • No electrical items within 6’ of head of the bed (i.e. alarm clocks, phone chargers, radios, etc.)
  • Have Computer Monitors & Laptops energetically checked