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Selected Seminars by John Mullen

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Dead Men Walking

 You’ve heard the expression – “We Are What We Eat” well, this seminar discusses how the energy of our thighs, shins and feet affect our health.   Bodily strength and brain acuity are tied to healthy thighs that support good bone marrow where the majority of our blood is made. Learn how to measure the heat in your shins and how controlling this temperature will reduce PAIN and INFLAMMATION.  Our feet need to BREATHE well !  The feet can be an open channel for disease to set in.  Easy ways to have happy feet that will lead  step-by-step to a healthy body.


Off the Shelf Techniques

 By applying Fruits & Vegetables externally, their unaltered vibrational qualities are able to impact internal organs and body processes.  Learn how apples can become a heart, liver, spleen and bladder remedy.  Cream of Tartar is a vital source of potassium and promotes cell growth.  Lumps & bumps are helped with the electricity from onions and lemons.  Clean your blood with beets.  Which fruits & vegetables keep us hydrated? This informative seminar will help you  view your pantry as an economical arsenal to fight disease and keep your body in a healthy balance.

Breathe for Health Seminar

“And this is a great secret: all the healing forces reside originally in the human breathing system.”- Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher



Breathing is so much more than taking a breath.  Breathing is the pure fuel for the body.  Proper, closed-mouth breathing energizes your heart and lungs, oxygenates the blood and invigorates the entire body.  This seminar exposes the myths of shallow and deep breathing and provides new insight into the value of closed mouth breathing – both day and night.  When you breathe properly with your mouth closed the oxygen is transferred efficiently into the circulatory system versus into the digestive system.

Try this experiment:

Breathe slowly 12 times in through your nose and then back out through your nose at a reduced rate and volume.

Does this feel natural?  It should.

Too many of us are breathing through our mouth.  It’s important for your health to learn how to breathe.


Basic biology teaches us that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Oxygen is a principle catalyst for the body’s fluids, keeping them at the correct pH level.  When the oxygen levels are low the body is unable to carry nutrients in the blood, unable to replicate hemoglobin which fights disease, and unable to pull waste out of the blood through the kidney.  Correct breathing can keep your pH at the optimal level.

In my opinion, you are what you breathe, not what you eat.  Are you surrounded by clean air? Just as you focus on eating healthy foods, focus on getting clean air in your house, in your office and in your car.  There are simple, sensible steps you can take to clean the air around you.

Attend this interactive and practical seminar to learn how to breathe properly, understand how breathing is linked to illnesses and learn new ways to clean the air around you and your family.




The Energy of your Sleep Partner Impacts your Health

On average, one third of your life is spent sleeping.  Yet there are more than 40 million Americans affected by sleep disorders, and more than 100 million Americans who regularly fail to get a proper night’s sleep.  If you are one of those people, this seminar is for you.

It’s critical to get a good night’s sleep.  Not just to avoid the circles under your eyes, but to help the body to function and regenerate overnight.  Here are 5 things your body does while you are sleeping (and only while you’re sleeping):

1 – Bolsters your Immune System

2 – Restores your Memory

3 – Repairs your Cells

4 – Controls your Serotonin

5 – Regulates your Internal Bacteria

When we sleep we are surrounded by negative and positive sleep partners.  Positive sleep partners emit good energy all night long – such as your dog at the end of your bed, your spouse, or maybe your favorite blanket.  Negative sleep partners that emit negative energy can be your smartphone, your alarm clock, your electric blanket, or even your nightlight.  Come understand the impact of your sleep partner and how to create a positive sleeping environment.

Learn how to get a great night’s sleep during this insightful seminar.


Brain Tune and Trauma Release Seminar

Did you know…

Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen you breathe.

Your brain never turns off or even rests – through your entire life.


If you don’t take care of your brain, you lose, on average, 85,000 brain cells a day.   That’s what causes aging.  With appropriate forethought, however, you can reverse that trend and dramatically slow your brain’s aging process.


In order to work properly, the brain needs fuel, oxygen, and stimulation.  Just like any other living thing, a brain needs fuel to grow, function and repair itself.


Glucose and oxygen run the engine that power your brain cells.  Unlike other cells in your body, glucose is the only fuel your brain knows how to use.   Anything that impairs glucose delivery to brain cells is life threatening.


Oxygen is required to produce energy, without it the energy powerhouses of neurons called mitochondria will not produce enough energy to keep your brain alive.  Because blood delivers glucose and oxygen to your brain, nothing must get in the way of blood flow if the brain is to stay healthy.   Unconsciousness will occur after 8-10 seconds after loss of blood supply to the brain.

When you stimulate your brain’s neurons in the right way, you make them more efficient; they function better, and you are more likely to have an active, learning brain throughout your life.  The best sources of stimulation for the brain are physical exercise, mental exercise and social bonding.

When the brain experiences trauma, the limbic system can be dramatically impacted.  Let Energetic Health teach you an 8-step process to help you restore and rejuvenate your limbic system.