Vibrational Analysis Specifically for You

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  We are blessed to live in one of the most powerful, most elaborate, most complex ecosystems in the world – the human body.

Our bodies function on a repeatable, predictable cycle of wellness.  Health is a condition of optimal well being; the soundness of body, mind, spirit and emotion.  Illness arises when the cycle is broken, damaged, overburdened or has become weakened at one point or another.   Healing can only take place when the body’s systems are well balanced, and then healing will emerge from the inside out. Every nerve, organ, gland and part of our bodies is both chemical and electrical.  Chemical because our body thrives on specific chemical balance, tested by medical doctors with a CBC blood test.  But did you know that our body is 99.999% empty – we’re mostly electrical vibrations.  Traditional medicine cannot test the electrical vibrations and energy in our body with blood tests or physical examination.  Energetic Health has been given the skills and insights to be able to tap into the individual, specific electrical vibrations of your body and measure its energetic health.

Based on our conversation of your current health needs and symptomology, we’ve assessed and measured your body energetically.  The complete report  (attached) details your body’s primary organs, glands and functions and determines their current vitality and functionality.  We use a scale of 0 – 100%.

100% is ideal.  This test takes into account your age, since a 20-year-old heart has different vibrations and energy than a 70-year-old heart.  This vibrational analysis is a powerful tool for your health.  It is not a medical diagnosis and may or may not reflect your current symptomology or condition.

We did not create this vibrational analysis to intrude on your privacy or offend you.  It is not our intension to scare you or cause worry.  Our goal is to give you new information that you’ve probably never seen before – a look into the energy within your body, a look at your vibrational health.

Proven time and time again with our clients, this vibrational analysis is often an indicator for future health.  The areas that are less than 100% may be issues for your future health.  Why?  Because insufficient energy (less than 100%) is flowing into those areas, which may result in illness or atrophy over time.  Keep in mind it takes time for our bodies to get sick, so it also takes time for them to get well.  The longer an organ or gland is deficient, the longer it takes to resolve / clear the issue.  It is important that you are aware of your body’s vibrational health, so you can stop the slide today and begin to address your health for the long term.

There are three options for you to consider now that you are aware of your body’s energetic health:

  •  Pray and meditate on those areas and focus energy to those areas.
  •  Begin working with Energetic Health.
  • We have a systematic, proven approach for balancing and energizing every gland, nerve, organ, and system in the body.  Our approach has helped many clients facing serious health issues, including breast cancer, strokes and fibromyalgia.
  • Please review our web site for information on our approach to health and then give us a call to discuss your questions and specific needs 404 326 6199.
  • Once we begin to intercede, the problem transforms immediately.  However, it takes time for the body to catch up and begin to illustrate health.
  •  Research and learn more about your vibrational body – so you will be able to understand and utilize this information effectively.  Read Reinventing Medicine by Larry Dossey or The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you on your health.  If you have any questions or concerns as you review your vibrational analysis, please
contact us at or 404 326 6199.

Thank you,

John Mullen