Victory Over Leukemia

Brian MullenMy Son was Dying!

Unlike others, John Mullen and his quest against leukemia has been much more than a clinical study or academic exercise. John battled leukemia first-hand when his 31-year-old son, Brian Mullen, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in September 2000.

On that tragic Sunday morning, the doctors gave Brian only a 10 percent chance to survive the weekend and less than a 30 percent chance to live five years. Today, Brian is completely cured of leukemia with zero leukemia cells in his bone marrow and perfect CBC reports.

Read Brian’s story and understand his victory over leukemia first-hand.

Beating the Odds over Acute Leukemia

Tahitian DancersMy story begins in August of 2000 after returning from a wonderful vacation in Tahiti with my wife Kellie. I began to have shortness of breath and flu symptoms that I couldn’t shake. I was a healthy, 31-year old father and husband who hadn’t needed the care of a traditional medical doctor or been to a hospital in years.

A Shocking Diagnosis
On Saturday, September 9th, I had a 104-degree fever, extreme difficulty breathing, intense fatigue and was looking rather gray in color. My wife and I went to the emergency room at a local hospital that afternoon – unsure what to expect. We thought maybe I had picked up a virus while visiting the islands of the South Pacific.

In a matter of a few minutes, the doctors were giving me O Negative blood transfusions – they were amazed that with my extremely low blood count that I wasn’t in a coma. I was admitted to the ICU for tests, including a bone marrow biopsy. On Sunday, the doctors diagnosed me with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia — a very aggressive leukemia that had spread throughout 98 percent of my bone marrow. Typically this type of leukemia was only seen in children between the ages of five and 15 – very few successful treatments were known for adults.

The doctors didn’t give our family much hope – and less than a ten percent chance to survive the weekend. Their solution was aggressive chemotherapy in a clinical trial protocol without any proven success rate.

Integrated Treatment Approach
God had other plans. Upon receiving the life-threatening diagnosis, my family began to research and call alternative medical options – searching for answers. My dad’s life –long study of alternative, natural health options was indeed being put to the test. We made a choice to find something that provided hope and life.

To stabilize my body and begin to control the bone marrow functions, we traveled by Air Ambulance to American Biologics, an integrated medical clinic in Baja California, just over the San Diego border.Brian day 1 When I arrived, my blood counts were dangerously low:
Platelets at 12 (normal ranges 130 – 400)
White Blood at 2.0 (normal ranges 5.0 – 10.5)
Red Blood at 0.9 (normal ranges 4.3 – 5.8)

Medical teamThe medical team at American Biologics worked aggressively to control my blood counts through more than 120 blood transfusions over the course of my treatment (many of which were given to me during the first weekend in Atlanta). The protocol included medications and therapies from around the world that were checked by my dad for my individual system. That personal approach really made a significant difference in my treatment. Within a month of my diagnosis, I was in remission.

Then in January 2001, I had a major setback. As a result of the more than 120 blood transfusions, my body was attacked by myriad viruses and diseases,  Brian in Hospitalincluding Malaria, Hepatitis B, Shingles and Typhoid Fever. As a result, my bone marrow was again under severe attack. We returned to American Biologics and began to aggressively look for the destructive cause of the bone marrow issues – so we would not continue to face the same battle.

Finding the Cause
We recognized to get in control of the leukemia, and all the other side effects,that we must determine the root cause of the disease. That is an important principle for all illnesses. The cure must be linked to the cause – otherwise, you’re just treating symptoms and not the root cause. My dad, John Mullen, had been a diligent student of naturopathy, herbs, supplements and alternative medicine for more than 25-years.

John and Brian - VictoryMy battle with leukemia served as an inspiration and motivation for my dad to practice Complete Energetic Medicine (CEM). My dad was able to identify and address the originating issue which made permanent remission possible for me.

My dad’s philosophy and approach to Complete Energetic Medicine are what have cured me 100 percent of leukemia and restored me to complete health. Our bodies are energetic – based on vibrational waves and frequencies. There are nerves and glands in the body that directly impact our health. When these nerves and glands are dead or inactive we get sick, sometimes very seriously. Energetic Medicine, simply stated, is the practice of activating these nerves and glands, so our bodies can balance and begin to heal naturally.

Kaitlin Brian JohnRestored to Health
Today, the leukemia and the myriad side effects that I’ve faced, including Malaria, Hepatitis, Shingles and Typhoid Fever are totally gone. I am, once again, leading a healthy, vibrant life with my wife and daughter! My blood work is perfect – all the markers are in standard range. We rejoice every day in the victory God gave us over my battle with acute leukemia.

Victory 2If you know someone battling leukemia or other life threatening diseases, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to be a source of hope, answers and encouragement to anyone in need.
Brian Mullen